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Strikingly-A good option to build up your own website


In March 2014, we built up our own team to create the project of The Ice Cream Map. To complete the project and demonstrate all the detail to our friends and people who love ice cream, we need a website besides blog and Facebook Pages.

After the discussion with team members, we concluded three major elements that a website builder should have to meet our demand:

  1. Speed

Because of limited time and man power, we need to find a website that is quick and easy to build. Beginners can immediately get into the business.

  1. Display in different devices

Besides PC and laptop, mobile device is becoming one of the main media for people to browse the website and search online information. Therefore, we need a builder that can transform our content easily and clearly among different devices, such as Tablet and smartphone.

  1. Module

In the beginning of The Ice Cream Map project, we need to view the shape of website quickly and “module” helps us out! It not only let us pre-view the shape of website, but also benefit us a lot when we were working with the website designer.

After comparing different services, we found Strikingly, a website design service. It provides different modules and simple ways to build up a website. Fortunately, we complete our website in two weeks and launch our project on time.

Some people may ask us: why don’t you just hire a website designer or outsource your website? Isn’t it faster?

To be honest, we don’t need a super professional and fancy website for The Ice Cream Map. All we need is a high quality and easy-to-use platform that meet the three demands mentioned above to show our project.

All we need is a suitable one, not the best one. Isn’t it?

As the project proceeds, the content on the site is accumulating. We are glad that more and more people are viewing our website and blog. We will keep moving on and construct the first ice cream map in the world.




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