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Anna Durkes

Walking on the streets of Berlin, I was surrounded by the odd but novel graffiti, displaying the city’s liberty and tolerance. Under this atmosphere, an Italian couple from Sardinia shows the Germans the classical gelato with love.

Anna Durkes

Anna and Giorgio, a loving Italian couple, went to Berlin for Marathon a couple of years ago. Since then, they have been fascinated by the city’s vigor and freedom. In 2010, they decided to open up an ice cream shop in Berlin.

Anna Durkes

From “Cream for Body” to “Cream for Eating”

This decision was out of expect to both of them either in terms of starting a brand new life in a new city or making a living by something they had no experience before. Anna was a researcher in a cosmetic firm, preparing the materials of cosmetics. Interestingly, Anna said, she was making the cream for body and now, she is making the cream for eating, which is more fun, actually!

Finding a master willing to teach the couple how to make gelato in Italy was not easy. With the perseverance, the couple finally convinced a chef to reveal the secret of gelato-making. Recalling this memory, the couple seemed sad and painful, but it had been the past tense. Anna right now is responsible for the making of gelato.

Anna Durkes

Tacit Understanding Makes Better Gelato

While Anna takes charge of making gelato, Giorgio handles all the errands in the shop. Simple as it is, Anna Durkes gelato seems to bring you to Italy once eating it. Smooth taste and classical flavor lure people one bite after another.

Two most special flavors are pistachio and cocoa. Pistachios come from Cicily Island, where produces the best pistachio in the world. With Anna’s delicate hard work, the taste is stunning! The other flavor, chocolate sorbet, is made purely from one of the most famous chocolate brands ” Vahlrona” without any milk being added. The bitterness in the mouth, combining with other sweet flavor like hazelnut, is ravishing to many customers!

Anna Durkes

Anna Durkes

Discover Warmth and Love on Wallpaper

Small as it is, Anna Durkes is full of surprises. If you look closely, the wallpaper in the shop is printed with numerous faces. These are not the faces of ordinary people, but people who had ever given a hand to this ice cream shop. The couple asked the designer to make this one-of-a-kind wallpaper in remembrance of the help they have received and to show their gratitude. The growth and transformation of Anna Durkes are hence witnessed by a group of people who truly care about the shop.

Anna Durkes

Actually, the friends’ help can be obviously seen in the store: all the furnishings and decorative accessories are exclusively designed by the couple’s friend and designer in Milan.

Anna Durkes

What Matters More Than Money

Walking into Anna Durkes, an old couple sitting on my right-hand side caught my sight immediately. During the whole interview, they ate their ice cream silently in the corner. At my request of taking some photos, they willingly accepted it. This was the second time they visit the shop, the old couple told me. The atmosphere was engrossing, and so was the ice cream! The genuine greetings from Anna and Giorgio became a good reason for them to stop by again. When they were about to left, Anna and Giorgio gave them a big farewell hug.

Anna Durkes

A Shop That Builds Up Connection with People

Giorgio said he could either choose to open the shop in shopping mall and make a big fortune, or choose to open up a small shop here and build up the genuine bond with customers. He chose the latter, which is the kind of life he craved for.

During my visit, a young gentleman sat near the entrance, seemingly knowing the shop pretty well. He is Anna and Giorgio’s classmate in German class, a Sweden and novelist.

Anna Durkes

With the grand support from friends and the couple’s hard work, Anna Durkes is a must visit in Berlin. Though it has closed recently due to the owner’s personal reason, this special shop will open again in 2015, so let’s wait for the loving couple presenting the most classic gelato ever next year!

Anna Durkes

Where to find Anna Durkes?

Let’s take a look at this lovely shop!

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