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If you are a vegetarian or you have lactose intolerance, Veganista is a must visit! It is an ice cream shop that enables people who cannot consume dairy products to enjoy the pleasure of ice cream as other people do.

Founded in May 2013, Veganista sprang up a year after its establishment in the suburbs of Vienna, becoming a household name ever since.


Dream-Fulfilling Action: Enjoy the Ice Cream Again

Cecilia, the founder of Veganista, was the ex-executive of a well-known cosmetic company in Austria. On account of some personal reasons, Cecilia couldn’t eat ice cream since her childhood. To fulfill her own dream of tasting the ice cream again, she decided to open a shop exclusively for vegetarians.

When it comes to vegan ice cream, is the image of bright-green ice cream made from vegetables popping up in your mind? It’s not that so, actually.

Original ingredient of ice cream, milk, is replaced by other materials like cocoa milk, rice milk, oat milk, and soy milk. It is a big benefit for vegetarian and patients with diabetes and lactose intolerance. They can finally dig in wholeheartedly, which is why Veganista received such a big fame.


First day of Veganiasta: Long Queue in front of the shop. “It was CRAZY.” Cecilia said.

Retrospecting the opening day of Veganista, 28th, May, 2013, Cecilia was concerned since the customers might not come because of the bad rainy weather. Out of her expectation, however, large crowds of people waited in front of the shop for the first sale of vegan ice cream. What surprised Cecilia more on that day was that the machine couldn’t produce large amount of ice cream to meet the continuous demand from customers. Thus, Cecilia bought another set of machines that have larger output, preventing ice cream shortage from happening again.

Within a few days, Veganista received thousands of Likes on Facebook, becoming a wild sensation in Vienna. Vegan ice cream had also become the hot desert in many restaurants.

Cecilia(right) and Susanna(left)

Cecilia(right) and Susanna(left)

With the help of professional photographer and releasing new flavor every day, Veganista had accumulated 12,000 Likes on Facebook in a year. With the promotion of other social media like Pinterest and Instagram, Veganista had not doubt become the new star in Austrian ice cream field.

Veganista’s popularity should be attributed to “the ignored market.” It is said that there are a high percentage of people in Austria diagnosed with diabetes and lactose intolerance. Ice cream in regular market is made from milk normally, which inadvertently create a wall blocking this group of customers. Therefore, they don’t have chance to eat ice cream.

Since the opening of Veganista, they can finally eat ice cream. The value of the shop is not merely making delicious ice cream, but serving a group of customers that never have chance to eat it.


New Combination, New Tastes

Cecilia’s sister, Susanna, after deciding to manage the shop together, flied to U.S and learned how to make gelato in culinary school. Right now, Susanna is responsible for the making of ice cream. To produce ice cream without dairy, Susanna chooses oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and rice milk in replace of regular milk. So in each kind of flavor, there are four different milks for customers to choose. In store and on Facebook, which kind of milks are used in certain kind of ice cream is labeled, providing customers a convenient choice according to their own preference.



Walking into Veganista, there are not many decorations but white and beige colors dominate most of the surrounding. The most attracting thing is the colorful ice cream exhibiting in front of me. Cecilia explained that the simple design of the shop aims to make the ice creams prominent, letting customers to catch sight of them immediately.


After deeper observation, I found out that the floor tiles are the only place that has patterns on it. Cecilia asked interior designer for this kind of arrangement, which obviously showed her hard work.


While this article was being composed, Veganista stood out from other 2700 restaurants and ice cream shops, ranked as the number-one store on TripAdvisor, the biggest online tourist website. Congratulations! If you get a chance to visit Vienna, enjoying vegan ice cream in Veganista is another new choice for you in addition to music concert and carriage sightseeing, and don’t forget to mark it on your map on TripAdvisor!




Where to find Veganista?

Take a look!

Veganista official website

Veganista Facebook Page

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