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Ireland, a country well known for bars and Saint Patrick’s Day, will impress you for another reason: Murphy’s Ice Cream!

Founded in the southwestern city of Ireland, Dingle, Murphy’s Ice Cream owns three branches. The one I visited is in Dublin.

Murphy's Ice Cream
Friendly Greetings

Observation, tasting and interview are the three steps that I will take when visiting a shop. In the stage of observation, staffs of a store usually won’t actively welcome the guests who just entered. It is a good time when I can take a good look at the store decoration, atmosphere, and interaction between the guests and the staffs. When I entered Murphy’s, however, enthusiastic staffs came forward and asked:

How do you do?

First time to Murphy’s?

What can I get for you?

Warm greetings are not insincere. On the contrary, it lets me feel like I had a good acquaintance working in this shop and they want to give me the best and the most wonderful service in this shop.

Murphy'a Ice Cream

This is the first impression I had on Murphy’s. Staffs and customers are more like friends.

At Murphy’s, staffs can chat with customers whatever they want as long as their works are not affected. They chat with travelers about fun things; they talk about weather with the locals; they chitchat with regular guests. Murphy’s is a free and comfortable place where regular guests love to come and create their links, emotion, and a sense of belonging. People visiting have seen Murphy’s as part of Dublin. The value of Murphy’s hence appeared: ownership.

Murphy's Ice Cream

Murphy's Ice Cream

U. S.A. to Ireland: Passion for Ice Cream

Murphy’s was founded by the Murphy brothers, Sean and Kieran, who grew up in the United States. Before the career of selling ice cream, Kieran was a CMO of a software company. He recalled joyfully that the first food he had ever eaten in his life was ice cream! Out of the love toward ice cream, the two brothers came back to Ireland in 1997, preparing their ideal ice cream shop.

Walking in the streets of Dublin, I found out that ice cream shops are not as many as other cities but Kieran said ice cream has always been an important role in Irish’s life. Only that the Irish prefer to share this desert privately with family member instead of opening a shop. Initially, the two brothers managed the shop gingerly and the following public acclamation could be attributed to the persistent determination the two brothers had toward the origin of ice cream.

Knowing the Place of Origin from the Taste

Murphy brothers pledged to let customers know where the materials come from in the taste. “Making the distinguished ice cream at all costs.” is the one and only rule of Murphy’s.

Murphy's Ice Cream

Milk is the ingredient that Murphy’s is most proud of. Kerry Cow, is the endemic and oldest species in Ireland. It can trace back to 5000 years of history. Its milk was the main source of nutrition for people in the past.

How important it is to the Irish? According to Kieran, if there is a country wanting to wage a war toward Ireland, winter is the best time because it is when cows would not produce milk, which means the Irish is weaker. Nowadays, the contemporary conditions and environment is harder for Kerry Cow to live, compared with other species of cows, therefore the number of Kerry Cow is lower than panda! Thus, interesting logos and labels are posted inside the store, introducing customers this crucial role, which provides delicious milk.

More about Kerry Cow

Murphy's Ice Cream

Ice creams that are made from the milk of Kerry Cow have intense flavor and more abundant taste than Gelato. Its fragrance lingers in the mouth longer, creating stronger sweetness. Sea salt flavor is the most surprising one, which is the first and the only one I have tasted so far. The salty taste and milky sweetness are not contradictory, but instead, they turn into a perfect unison. The sea salt is extracted from seawater by Murphy brothers themselves, presenting the idea of knowing the origin of the material from the taste.

Why do they make sea salt ice cream? Kieran said he wanted to make a flavor that has a connection with summer. The ocean inspired him to capture the feeling of summer by using sea salt as ingredient to make ice cream. Therefore, sea salt ice cream becomes the image of summer in many Irish’s heart.

Murphy's Ice Cream

Share and Care

We guarantee the finest ice creams to make your day more special. We guarantee consistent and high quality products and service. If you are happy, please tell your friends. If not, please, please tell us so we can immediately make it right.” This is Murphy’s guarantee included in the booklet that is provided to customers. Murphy’s takes customers’ feedbacks seriously. They value guests’ feelings and emotion. At Murphy’s, you can also find Murphy’s passport. It is a brochure introducing all the flavors Murphy’s had made, city map, Irish proverbs and crosswords, Kerry Cow introduction, and genuine words from the founder.

Murphy's Ice Cream

A brochure shows the care and passion of Murphy’s. What surprised me most, however, is that all the ice cream recipes can be found on Murphy’s website! As long as you can get the ingredients and follow Murphy’s instructions, making delicious ice cream is not a problem! Isn’t it a top secret that should be highly protected? Kieran said: “It’s not a big deal. As long as our guests can make good ice cream by following our recipes, we will be happy for them.”

 Kieran’s ice cream blog

Murphy's Ice cream

Giving is the true receiving. This flashed in my mind. Though the recipes are easily available, Murphy’s is still popular with customers lining up in front of the shop. Maybe they come not just for merely a cup of ice cream, but for an irreplaceable experience, relaxed and comfortable.

Murphy's Ice Cream


Besides booklet, you can also find yoyo and spinning top in Murphy’s. They are nothing to do with ice cream, but it create fun for the shop!

Murphy's Ice Cream

Murphy's Ice Cream

Murphy's Ice Cream


Where to find Murphy’s Ice Cream in Dublin?

That’s experience the amazing Murphy’s Ice Cream

Murphy’s Ice cream Official website
Murphy’s Ice cream Official website Facebook

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