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Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Roma

Giolitti, a must-visit when visiting Rome, locates in the surrounding of Pantheon.

Starting up the business of selling milk and ice products in 1890, the first generation of Giolitti family founded this store in 1900 at the exact place where it locates right now. After the management of three generation, Mr.Giolitti Giolitti, the third generation in Giolitti family, expanded his business to the middle-east countries, such as Dubai, Istanbul, Kuwait, and now is in the charge of the fourth generation. Giolitti was once opened in Soul, Korea, but it was shut down.


After paying my great tribute to Raffaello Sanzio in Pantheon, I strolled along in the Roman streets leisurely. I suddenly realized that people walking by all have an ice cream in their hands. Within a second, Giolitti appeared in front of me. Combining with the ancient Roman streets perfectly, Giolitti had classical and delicate interior decoration with historical photos and detailed description on the wall. Handmade cookies, snacks, and fifty different kinds of ice cream flavors excited me tremendously.


Unforgettable tastes

According to Mr.Giolitti, ice creams are made every day to maintain their freshness. In these ice creams, more milk is added to double the softness and sweetness. What impressed me most is the “rice flavor ice cream. Its tenderness and creamy taste surprised me a lot since this is the first time for me to eat rice like this! Also, the watermelon flavor is a creative invention.

Watermelon seeds on the surface are actually chocolate beans, which is a brilliant idea by Mr.Giolitti. For the first time, tasting the combination of watermelon and chocolate (It was so great!) is really a novel experience to me. Another fantastic flavor is Pistachio. It is as common as vanilla in Italy. At Giolitti, however, the mixing of milk and Pistachio brought the traditional flavor to a brand new level.


You can eat in or take out at Giolitti and different menu is provided. When you choose eat-in, there are ice creams that are specially designed for you to select. For instance, Il gelatois the most graceful ice cream I have ever seen: Three kinds of flavors in a glass cup with fresh whipped cream and a homemade egg roll. As for take-out, the cream is also for free. Servers generously put large amount of creamy cream on top of the ice cream. Though it is high-calorie, it is the most Italian way of eating ice cream, which is a must-try!



It is spread on the Internet that even Pope Francesco cannot resist Giolitti ice cream. As the matter of fact, Michelle Obama, Sharon Vonne Stone, and Ben Stiller had visited Giolitti personally and wrote letters to appreciate Giolitti for providing such a high-quality ice cream. With tens of thousands of customers visiting, Giolitte can be seen as the best representation of ice cream in Old Town Area, and part of the Roman history.


Mr.Giolitti is also the co-founder of Associazione Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma. The association aims to preserve the stores in Rome that have high population, and to maintain the good service. Not only ice cream shops, the association also covers textile, watch, glasses, and antique shops.

Happiness Retrospect

Mr.Giolitti hopes his ice cream can serve as a moderator in busy life since people nowadays are dealing with so many troubles and problems that make them forget what the true happiness is. That is why Giolitti ice cream uses natural ingredients and milk as materials. Mr.Giolitti also hopes that this happiness can not only be enjoyed by eaters, but also workers. Putting their efforts in this hundred-old store, staffs have already had a sense of mission: let customers come with high anticipation, and go with fulfilled heart.



When tradition meets the world

Giolitti has opened its branch in the middle-east. According to Mr.Giolitti, he planned to bring high-quality Giolitti to Asia in five years. Sooner or later, friends in Asian and Taiwan can have a chance to taste the classical ice cream. But if you want to dip in the ancient atmosphere,  paying a visit to Rome is definitely recommended!

If you are lucky enough, you can meet the soul of Giolitti, Grandma Silvatia, Mr.Giolitti’s mother. Old as she is, Silvatia still energetically hangs around in store, tasting the ice cream, and setting up the pastries. Her love toward the store never lessens. Despite the language barrier, Silvatia tried hard to tell me the correct information. Her warmness and kindness move me till now.





How to get to Giolitti: 

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Roma

Have a 5-minute walk toward north from Pantheon and turn right, you will see Giolitti in front of you.

Take a look through video:


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