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Via Principe Eugenio, 65, 00185 Roma, Italy

After a 15-minute walk from Termini train station, you will see G.FASSI in front of you.

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Hundred years of history

The history of G.FASSI can trace back to 19th century. In 1880, Giacomo Fassi,  great grandfather of Daniela Fassi, the store owner right now, settled in Rome with his wife Giuseppina and started up a small business selling beer and ice products. After Giacomo passed away, his son, the second generation manager Giovanni founded the Gelato shop with his mother in Plazz Nanova. In 1928, Giovanni and his wife bought Esquiline area, which is where the store is located right now. They named the building Palazzo del Freddo. In English, it’s Cold Palace.

G.FASSI is the member of Associazione Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma. The association was founded in 2008. Stores that have sustained through three generations can join it, which aims to protect stores in Rome that have long history, and to ensure a high quality service to customers.

Know more about Associazione Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma

Building happiness and pleasure

Cold Palace has four floors. First floor is ice cream shop. Now the other floors of the “Palazzo del freddo” are Fassi’s home. Fourth floor, which is the most special one, was used to hold wedding ceremony before the year 2000.The whole building is floated with happiness and joy. There are twenty tables in the shop, which is seen as the largest ice cream shop in Italy. Comfortable environment impress many visitors!



At G.FASSI, there are 36 kinds of flavors, different according to the seasons. No matter what size of ice cream you buy, the cream is all free! Snowy cream covering delicious ice cream make people can’t stop licking! Eating Gelato at Cold Palace can also taste the patience and dedication that the owners put in this dessert.

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Innovation lightens up old shop

Even though G.FASSI has become a well-known shop, it has never stopped creating new products. Apart from normal flavor of ice cream cake, there is also Tramezzino, ice cream sandwich. Daniela also showed us Sampietrini, a tiny ice cream snack that can eat at a time. Crispy chocolate chips accompany ice cream inside is a perfect combination of smooth and crisp, which lures customers to have one after another. This inspiration comes from the rocky pavement in Rome. There is even a small cabinet to display the inspiration.

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The palace where the locals belong to    

While Michael was chatting with Daniela, many local people said hi to her. The locals have already seen G.FASSI as a place for them to chat and hang out. To Daniela, there is no distance between she and customers. People who live here are part of G.FASSI’s family members. To customers and staffs, G.FASSI has become a great place to share feelings, and enjoy food.

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Spread the spirit of FASSI. Stand on the global stage

As a manager specializing in arts in modern world, Daniela not only maintains the techniques and spirits of producing Gelato, but also put efforts on product innovation and packaging. She changes G.FASSI into an attractive shop, which is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. The persistence attracts the attentions from all over the world. So far, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has recently established the first branch store. We might have chance to taste the classical gelato from Rome in different nations.


How to get G.FASSI 

1. Startin  walking from Termini station. It takes 15 minutes to get there.

2. Take Metro Line A to Anagnina, and get off at station Vittorio Emanuele. Walk 10 minutes.

3. Take Tram Line 14 to Togliatti, and get off at station Principe Eugenio- Manzoni. Walk 1 minute.

Walk into palace with Michael

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