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Zwijnaardsesteenweg 83 9000 Gent

Opening hour: Mon-Fri 12:00~21:00 Sat 12:00~19:00 Sun 12:00~21:00

Located in the surrounding of Ghent University, bar italiano was founded by Vermeirsch Kristiaan in 2012. It is one of the favorite shops that students and people living near like to visit. Everyone calls him Kris, because it sounds more friendly. Kris was once a teacher in a local culinary school. Students from the previous class will still come and visit the shop. Kris also runs a private hostel: SU’RO BED&BREAKAST.


Twenty years ago, Kris started up an ice cream shop in Ghent. But after divorcing with his wife, he closed up the shop. Now, two decades had past, the shop is reopen, and it is all because of an acquaintance with an Italian girl. Visiting this girl in Italy two years ago arouse Kris’s passion for ice cream. In the annual ice cream festival Sigep, Kris was determined to rebuild his ice cream business. In the same year of August, bar italiano was established.

Using ingredients imported from Italy, Kris mixes milk and other materials together every morning, producing 22 fresh ice creams for customers to enjoy. Besides ice cream, Kris also sells spaghetti and breads, providing more choices to students. What’s more, Krist’s coffee is also highly praised. With a scoop of ice cream, a cup of coffee, and nice atmosphere, bar italiano is the best place to spend relaxed afternoon time.

Blog bar italiano

What impressed me most is the way Kris treats customers. He not only shared his story selflessly, but invited me to join the making process of ice cream. Kris explained every ingredients and its purpose with detail, and let me try the chocolate ice cream that was freshly made. During the visit, Kris’s perseverance and focus on detail are seen everywhere in the store. With kind and friendly service, bar italiano is really a shop worth visit.

Kris hoped that in the future, there can be a shop in downtown. By making ice cream in the current shop, and sending them to the city center, more people would have a chance to taste the delicious ice cream made by bar italiano.


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