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Kortedagsteeg 22,9000 Gent

In Italian, “Nonno” means “Grandpa.” Scinti De-Zordo named his ice cream shop “Nonno” to memorize his grandfather who sold ice cream in Gent decades of years ago.

Founded in 2005, Nonno Gelato was built up by Mr. De-Zordo, a friendly Italian mainly in charge of the ice cream shop. He settles in Gent because Belgium is where he spent his childhood, and also because he wants to spend more time with his family. Once working in fabric industry, Mr. De-Zordo believes that only the high quality ice cream can make customers feel delighted. Therefore, from choosing ingredients to making the ice cream, Mr. De-Zordo does most of the job by himself.

Apart from Mr. De-Zordo’s grandfather, his uncle also sells ice cream in Germany. The business in Germany is a lot easier to do than in Belgium since Germans usually see ice cream as daily snack, while Belgians buy it only a few times a year.

Even under this circumstances, Mr. De-Zordo still insists on opening the shop in Belgium, providing high-quality ice cream and pleasant purchase experience to the locals. Nonno covers twelve flavors of ice cream, which, to Mr. De-Zordo, is busy enough for him to handle. Limiting ice cream flavors enables Mr. De-Zordo to make each of them to the perfect. The top three popular flavors are: Stracciatella, vanilla, and chocolate.


Even though eating ice cream is not part of Belgian’s diet, Mr. De-Zordo still hopes he can run the store forever. In the future, instead of expecting his shop expands worldwide like big companies do, he hopes the shop can maintain its originality and specialty, and most important of all, provide sweet and pleasant experience to people in Gent.

The Ice Cream Map Team sincerely appreciates Mr. De-Zordo’s support on The Ice Cream Map. Nonno Gelato is our first stop, and undoubtedly, the most unforgettable one.

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