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Why does it matter?


Ice cream is a snack that when we have a lick, memories rush back into our mind. Did you still remember the first time when you have the strawberry ice cream? Did you still remember the time you share an ice cream cone with your beloved one? Wasn’t it sweet? Wasn’t it wonderful?

In the world of ice cream, there are plenty of stories: happiness, sorrow, heart-struck. It is like a bridge that connects reality and memories. That’s what we are looking for.

We are searching for these touching and affecting life events, deeply believing that more emotions can be spread through these tiny but unique, simple but unforgettable stories inscribed deeply in our hearts.

These memories would become parts of The Ice Cream Map and create the one-of-a-kind ice cream experiences  to people around the world.

The Ice Cream Map is a record, guidance, and an inheritance. While enjoying the snack, shouldn’t we fill our heart with happiness?

The Ice Cream Map shares happiness with you on Indiegogo and Facebook




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